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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The "P.C." Crack: Sugar

Have you ever pondered the vast oodles and depths of toxic, habit-forming drug you have stored up in your cupboards?  You may exclaim, "What?!  I don't have any drugs in my cupboard!  What on earth are you talking about?"  Today we're talking about the socially acceptable narcotic, sugar.

(Oh, come ON, Ms. Daisy, you can't mean that!  You are so over the top sometimes!  You're the conductor of a very long crazy train and I think you're falling off of the tracks!)

Well, all aboard, let's take a ride on the wild side!  

Let's begin with pointing to the new study done at the University of Utah.  They fed mice a diet of 25% extra sugar (that's the human equivalent of having 3 soda/pop/Coke's a day) to see what would happen to them.  

Take a WILD guess.  It wasn't good.

The female mice died at twice the normal rate and the males were less able to protect their territory and reproduce.  You heard it, dudes, it messes with your...ahem...manly-ness.  (If that doesn't make a guy's ears perk up, I don't know what will.)  Yes, so, that's death for us females and wussbag lame-o sauce for the males.


Oh.  Great news (NOT).  These tests were done according to levels that are considered SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.  This isn't one of those tests that is like, well, we found that by pouring in fifteen gallons of mercury per hour down the throat of an ant that it caused it to die at a relatively faster pace.  No.  This is like the mice representation of the Standard American Diet (SAD).  Do you hear what I'm trying to tell you?  


Sorry for the yelling.  Sometimes I get carried away.

Oh, more good news.  They found that this level of sugar caused the mice to behave on the same level as if they were inbred.  Can you hear me now?  Eating this much sugar is akin to your mama and your daddy being cousins.  Hello?  Anybody out there?

Seriously.  You can read it here:  Researched: How to die, get your junk messed with, and to act inbred.

Why are we so sugar-obsessed?  Oh, that's easy.  It's because sugar is a narcotic.  When your brain gets a dose of sugar, it lights up like a crack high.

We're dying of piles and piles of degenerative diseases for the love of it.  We support a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing us and our children.

And it is completely and perfectly socially acceptable.

In fact, if you fight it, you get to be the weirdo.

But I'm only here to shed some light.  I research and write about these things because I actually care about other people and whether or not they are able to live healthy, normal, enjoyable lives.  I know it sounds radical.  I know it seems counter-cultural to question sugar.  

Just think of all those times you've bonded over a piece of chocolate cake or about the pop/soda/Coke (I have to say it in all dialects just in case) you like to have with your pizza or popcorn on a Friday night.  Think of your grand-mammy giving you Valentine's hearts, the fabulous times you had sucking down Starbucks lattes back in college, the ice cream treats from the High Fruc Truck (or ice cream truck, whatever you guys call it).  Our society is built around tying social to sugar.

It's time to think about what you're putting into your mouth.

I'll tell you what - I've not come to the point of swearing it all off.  I love a piece of Trader Joe's organic 72% sustainable, ethically harvested dark chocolate (without soy lecithin).  If I'm going to have some home made, freshly ground wheat berries as cream of wheat, I gotta have a little dose of grade B maple syrup.  

But aren't there some things that maybe we could think about trading out?  Do we really need to scarf a bowl of ice cream (jag alskar dej, bastis - not YOU, dear) every night after dinner in the summer?  Or feel like we need to eat dessert on a daily basis?  I'm thinking we may have some habits that have gotten us to where we are now.

And if you look around you, you don't have to go too far to realize that is not a great place.

I'm not here to police you and force you to where you don't want to go.  That is why I cry out to you to evaluate where you are and ponder whether or not you may be shackled to sugar.  The prisoners of sugar are led down the paths that bring physical destruction.  No, life is not all about the physical.  But is sure hard to do the things you're supposed to do if you're half dead.

Would you consider cutting it back?  Would you consider giving yourself a trial time without it to see how it is?  

When the malicious is cloaked in innocence, it is devious indeed.  

Peace, love and live well,
Ms. Daisy

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