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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Facebook: The evil tool of modern society

As most of you (except for my mother) know, I do not have a facebook account.  (She has a tendency to ask me every other week, "Did you see xyz on facebook?"  No, Mom, still no.  I still don't have facebook.  I am still available to you via text, email, phone, and in person, but not on facebook.  And no, I cannot get on there magically and see what so-and-so said...that would entail me having a facebook account...which.  I.  don't.  have.)  

I will be three years clean this summer.  

I am an advocate for unplugging from it, at least even for a while to live your life fully on earth and out of cyberlandia.  When I broke up with facebook, I got crazy productive.  (It may have been because I was addicted to it and it sucked my time away like the vacuum I should have been using.)  I was baking bread, making homemade 24 hour bone broth, the kombucha was FLYING off of the shelves, the house was perfecto clean, and I even had a few conversations with my offspring.  
a picture of productivity

I did miss it (for about three weeks).  I know a lot less of the scoop on peeps now, which I suppose could be a bonus or a negative, depending on who it is (and actually, I did like reading what you had for breakfast...except I am so gonna comment on the nutritional value).  It is also sad to not to be able to randomly stalk people (like the friend of a friend that your friend was telling you about, or to check to see if your high school boyfriend is fat, bald, both, or neither - and if you haven't done that and you have facebook, you are totally lying or you had no high school boyfriends.).  I also felt a bit sad that people I would never talk to otherwise probably thought I deleted them from my friends list or something, creating a strange awkward question mark.  I also missed competing with how far and fast people ran when they would post such ditties (how am I supposed to win when I don't know we're racing?!).

I have had people (even lately) tell me they wish I were on facebook again (not my mother, who already thinks I'm still on there).  When they say that, I ponder getting back on for a few minutes.  I think about making a page for my future author self or my future health coaching business.  I see benefit in that, except that it still feels like playing with crazy facebook fire cyberlandia and I am not super into facebook claiming my cyberself as their property or weird people spying on me.  Call me crae crae, right?  I also have flashbacks of getting my blood boiling whilst reading the most idiotic things evER, so I don't know if I would look fondly on that aspect very much.  And what if I can't make enough bread and broth?  I have quotas, people!

What do you think?  If you have facebook now, would you ever give it up?  Have you done it for a time?  Would you try to convince me to join you in your evil cyberparty?  If you don't have facebook, why do you stay away?  

Peace, love, and don't even try to suggest I do it in moderation - are you kidding me?  Have you met me?
Ms. Daisy

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