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Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 1: How was it?

Hey peeps!  So, you made it one week (maybe).  Did you make it?  Tell me f'realies how it's going.  Is it easy?  Impossible?  Sometimes you forget?  Tell me!

When I gave up my microwave, I was terrified that somehow I would fail or starve or something (actually, I don't know what, but I knew that I depended on it somehow...or I thought I did).  I wanted to distance myself from it without jumping off of the cliff straightaway, so I put it in the basement.  For about 6 months.

Do you know what happened when I put it into the basement?  I stopped using  it. Just like that.  It wasn't convenient to me, and I was purposing to live without it - and I did.  And it was no big deal.  

It was like switching to homemade deodorant.  At first you think, "OH MY GAWSH, that is NOT EVEN POSSIBLE!" and then you do it and you wonder what your problem was.  (It's the matrix if you're wondering.)

If you're having a hard time, but think you are able to do it and your microwave is on the counter, put it in the basement/garage/pole barn/shed/chicken coop (?!) and you'll realize two things.  One, you have more counter space and two, you can do this.  Don't really put it in your chicken coop, we don't want them climbing in and laying eggs in the radiation box...

And then that was it.  It was over.  I didn't need it anymore.  I lived without it just fine. Now I wonder why I used it in the first place.

If your microwave is mounted under a counter above your stove, well...can you unplug it?  I wouldn't want you to cook and have that thing on shooting your brain with cancer bullets.  (If it were me, I'd unscrew it and sell it on craigslist, but hey.)

I haven't had a microwave in the house for about two years.  At first I was the only one on this bus in my house, the hubby wanted to warm up his coffee in it and would occasionally go down and nuke it.  I would ask for his coffee when it got cold and heated it up in a pot for him and he liked that just fine.  It slowly transitioned over where he didn't want to use it either.

He rated it a 5/10 difficulty at first for stopping the use of it and now he wouldn't use it at all.  

What's the point?

If we can do it without much consternation, I think you can too.

Let me know how you're doing!  If you have questions or need a mini Ms. Daisy on your shoulder, just ask!  (justonethingchallenge {at}

Peace, love and you can do eeet,
Ms. Daisy

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