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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hans Hertel: Microwaved food screws up your bloodwork

Hey peeps!  How's it going?  So, have you lived without your microwave for 48 hours?  CAN YOU EVEN BEAR LIFE??!  Did you put a sticky note on it with a reminder saying "Do Not Use" on it?  Send me a picture if you did!  (justonethingchallenge {at}

So, I want you to have some science behind this earth shattering lifestyle change and here it comes - in the form of research done by Hans Hertel.  Hans and a group of researchers lived in a quarantined like fashion for 8 weeks - no drinking, no women-ing, no drugs, just being lab rats - all for us, so that we might have some knowledge about what microwaved food does to our bodies.  (Everybody say, "Thanks, Hans!") 

Hans and seven of his best researcher buddies had their blood taken upon rising (to get a baseline), fifteen minutes after eating and then two hours after eating.  They wanted to see if there was anything going on in their blood differently when they ate conventionally heated food, raw food, and microwaved foods.  They tested different things like milk (raw, cooked, microwaved), and veggies (raw, steamed, frozen but defrosted in a microwave and cooked straight up in a microwave).  

What they found won't really surprise you.  

(What happened when they started to publish their results won't surprise you, either.  Go against status quo and you almost always are going to get marginalized, threatened, discredited or all of the above.)

What they found was the following:

Those who ate microwaved foods had a decrease in all hemoglobin (that's a red protein responsible for transporting oxygen...kind. of. important.) 
Those who ate microwaved foods had their "good" cholesterol lowered and their "bad" cholesterol raised.  (The makers of Lipitor encourage you to keep up your microwave use, I'm guessing...)

Lymphocytes (those are white blood cells, remember? Oh, and that is a marker for your immune system, just ask any cancer patient going through chemo about their WBC - they know all about it!) took a downhill turn in the blood of those who ate microwaved foods immediately after eating them.  Leukocytes showed an increase over progression of time, showing a marker for stress in the body.

You'll not be surprised things got worse as they went along.

There is more detailed information for you to read about regarding this study here at Dr. Mercola's website.

Yes, I can assure you that most people will think you are just a crazy health freak for not using your microwave, but we are not those who shrink back at being different.  When you know that there will be a difference in your health from not using it, it is not hard to adopt, although the habit of it may be mindless and have to be put in to the front of your brain to break initially.  I know this seems like a huge thing on the one hand, but I really encourage you to just try it - just a try - for two weeks.  See if you can do it, see if you could picture yourself going for three weeks, and then making it a normal way to interact with your food.

Being someone else's weird and dangerous science experiment is not on my bucket list, perhaps you feel the same way.  The age of the microwave oven is not proving to be an era saturated with robust health, is it?  I say we bow out of this one.

Not only are you open to the health benefits, but if you're a person who wants instant gratification, at the very least just think of how much better your food will taste.  Think of slow cooked meals - the smell of simmering things on your stove, the coaxing out of natural sweetness in various delicious veggies that only comes about with patience.  

One question I want to answer quickly that keeps coming up - "What do I take to work to eat?"  (I am guessing that this means your work does have a microwave, but not a proper kitchen with a stove in it, thus the quandry.)  What about a wonderful, organic, crunchy, happy salad with your homemade dressing?
Delish picture from
Whut?  Homemade dressing?!  Yeah, something difficult like your custom proportion of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  You can do this.  You have skillz to pay the billz.)  What about a peanut butter (invest in Naturally Nutty's gourmet nut butters and you won't be sorry) and raw honey and banana sandwich?  Yeah, it's kind of like eating dessert, but it is a suggestion.  What about a turkey sandwich with your homemade mayo?  What about sliced up grilled chicken (organic, free range, that you cooked over wood) and some quinoa?  That doesn't have to be hot.  What about gazpacho?  What about some funky noodle and veg and chicken salady thing with your homemade Italian dressing?  Take fruit to eat along side of it.  Maybe some almonds and a square of 72% dark (organic fair-trade, non-soy lecithin) chocolate for dessert?  NOW WE'RE TALKIN'!  If none of that will do, buy your work a toaster oven and heat it up in that.

You can do this.  I am pretty sure your life was filled with slightly harder challenges, no?  Let me know what you're trying, what's working, what questions you have.  And don't forget to share the love with others!  Most likely they don't know they're screwing up their bodies.  Get out your cape, homies!

Peace, love, and step up!
Ms. Daisy

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