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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter = the devil

Apparently I am living amongst Mr. Beaver, Lucy and Tumnus.  I am living in the reign of the White Witch in perpetual winter and let me just tell you, I don't like it one bit.

I don't know if you remember, but on New Year's day I wrote a post about shoveling the snow.  I am pretty sure I have been shoveling snow continuously since that day.  I wake up, I look out the window, grit my teeth together in some sort of menacing snarly way and say, "OH...GOODIE...IT...SNOWED.  AGAIN."  It is a wonder I haven't broken any yet.

And then, I go outside with a shovel and lift thousands of pounds of snow off of my driveway and sidewalk up to snowdrifts that are so high, most of the snow you are shoveling tosses onto the side of it so that it rolls down the mountain and you get to shovel it five times.  The piles are higher than the fences now.  

Some of you may think, "Oh, but snow is so lovely!"  (While you bat your eyes and clasp your hands near your cheek.)  I dare you to say it to my face.  Apparently you have not shoveled thousands of pounds of snow daily and live in a place that is not drowning in snow.  I met two girls who are exchange students from Uruguay.  They said the first week of snow was real excitement!  Ooh!  Lovely, it's -5F/-20C!  What a novelty!  And now, after three weeks of snow dump and negative temperatures and 30 mph winds, they are ready to jog back to the land of 120 degrees F and delightful beaches, tank tops and shorts.

I suppose it does not help that almost every shovel scoop is a full one, so not much progress is had, especially since if you finish a section, by the time you are done, it is covered in snow again.

Yes, Susie mama, I'm all done with winter.  

Peace, love and OH JOY, I need to go shovel some more,
Ms. Daisy 


  1. Most of the folks who say they love snow so much don't have to work outside. They certainly don't live outside. For many of them the only time they're outside is when they're walking to their cars. Snow is pretty to them, but is only viewed through a window.
    I don't mind some snow now and then. But I do get annoyed at the folks who say they love it so much, but rarely leave the comfort of their homes.
    Spring is coming.

  2. You are absolutely right, Bill. And I needed that encouragement that spring is coming...even though with so much snow around I think that it couldn't possibly melt anytime before July. Well, what doesn't kill you and all that, right? :) I will try to reflect on that tomorrow as we are scheduled to get another 6 inches.