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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When Life Gives You Extra Kombucha...

...make kombucha fruit jello, of course!  

There are so many amazing benefits of kombucha and fermented goodies that it should perk your ears up just thinking about it.  What's that, you say?  Did you just ask, "What benefits?"

My, my.  Well, before I bowl you over with piles of goodness, let me just ask you this - did you know that traditional diets consisted of a bit of fermentation at every meal?  Our Standard American Diet (catch that acronym, lovies) is packed full of things guaranteed to mess up your mind, your body, and yer guts.  (Yes, I did know that was a part of your body, I just wanted to emphasize it for good measure.)

White sugar, white flour, cooked to death fruits and veggies, fake foods, genetically modified corn all up in all a ya'lls junk, beef from cows who don't even eat GRASS anymore, and everyone's favorite endocrine disruptor, soy - fill the foods in the grocery stores to the sky whilst people get cancer, allergies, diabetes, and a laundry list of issues up the wazoo.  


(Remember that whole "you are what you eat" thing?  Now that couldn't be true, right?)

Come on, my friends.  Let's get real here.  Take any one of those on the list and think about it.  When people stopped grinding their own wheat berries into flour and started gobbling up what was given to them from Mrs. Pillsbury and Mr. Swans Down, do you know that infertility spiked?  There isn't enough nutrition in their stripped flour to keep flies alive, let alone make humans thrive.  

Do yourself and your family a favor - see the Standard American Diet as the fad it is and get back to some real food.

Are you familiar with anyone who has trouble digesting milk or milk-products?  Maybe they can eat yogurt, but straight milk gives them gut problems?  May I suggest that the milk that is sold without the necessary enzymes that help you digest it?  Now I know that if you're going to be a grand-scale milk farmer, you can't risk something going wrong and since you can't keep your eye on all of those cows, you are going to have to pasturize it - but the better way is to drink it how it was made.  If everyone had their own cow, I can bet there wouldn't be much in the way of milk issues (and there would be many more happy cows).

The whole point of this is that we greatly benefit from enzymes and probiotics.  (Which is why a lot of people who can't drink milk can have yogurt.)  Our gut needs happy friends to dance around the maypole with.  If your gut ain't happy, your body isn't going to be either.

So I say do it the easy way - kombucha!  (And kombucha jello!)  Or do it the creative way - sauerkraut, dilly pickles, miso, tempeh, kimchee, kefir (water or milk), or make your own yogurt.

(But kombucha jello is pretty durn easy and fabulous.)

Now I told you I'd let you know the benefits - so, without further ado...

1.  Kombucha is a liver-lover.  It helps you detox your liver so it can do its job well.  No wonder it is called the "Elixir of Immortality"!  When your body has a toxic load, you better figure a good way to detox before you multiply the baddies.  Kombucha does just that.  It has glucaric acid - the cancer preventer.  

2.  Kombucha is your gut's best friend.  Ever heard of the benefits of probiotics?  Kombucha is delicious liquid probiotics straight to your belly.  I have personally had several times where my gut just didn't feel right and I walked over to the fridge and chugged a tall glass of kombucha and within the hour I felt 100% better.  Gut clarity helps mental clarity.  Giddyup.

3.  Kombucha wants to be on your immune system's team.  It's packed with antioxidants and boosts your energy.

4.  Kombucha may help you get rid of your sugar cravings.  Are you a sugar-holic?  Get on the kombucha train and toss the Snickers bar overboard.  

These are only a few of the benefits of kombucha!  It is an amazing thing.

Want some jello?  

Here is the basic recipe, but you can find a fancy and cute blog about it with pictures

And I must say, that website is pretty hilarious.  If you can't be bothered with looking at great websites, the quick and fast version of kombucha jello is this:

100% juice (pomegranate is a good one) - about 2 cups
some smashed fruit (optional) - however much you want
gelatin (I prefer Great Lakes brand) - about 2 tablespoons
1 cup or so of room temperature kombucha

Warm up the juice (not too hot) and put the gelatin in - mix until it dissolves.  The kombucha has to be room temp so that when you mix them together, the coldness doesn't make the gelatin blob up.  In your jello dish, let your kombucha be chillaxing while you gently add the warm juice/gelatin mix.  As you pour it in, stir like a fiend.  Plop the fruit in.  Stick in the fridge.  Peek at it more often than you should.  It will be done somewhere near an hour-ish.  You don't want to make the juice too hot either to kill the good enzymes in the kombucha.  Save the enzymes!  (We should get t-shirts that say that...)

Anyway.  Go on now.  Go get yerself some delicious fruity kombucha jello!  It's a great way to get your kids to get that probiotic goodness into their bellies.  (And yours, too!)

Peace, love and jiggidy jello,
Ms. Daisy