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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I heart learning

My dear darling hubby calls me a nerd.  (What a rudycat!)


(I prefer "Ms. Princess Extreme Genius Extraordinaire", personally.)  Whyfor would he do such a thing?  Well, this may also come as a surprise to you, but he does not enjoy taking college courses for fun.  And for some strange reason he doesn't think finding the sidereal time of two planets (or orbiting bodies) mathematically to be thrilling.  I know.  I don't get it either!

He didn't even think learning about ancient Egypt in a foreign language was the epitome of excitement.  (I'm laying it out to show you that I  am CLEARLY the sane one.)  

What a weirdo, right!

I know.

I am happy to let you know there are fascinating topics for you to study - and available for you to get into right now!  YOU EVEN GET TO DO HOMEWORK!  How fun is that?!  And quizzes!!  It's like freaking Christmas morning, baby!  I would also tell you that they have final exams, but I don't want you to pee your pants with excitement - get to the bathroom first and then think about it!

I kind of love school.  (I bet you didn't figure that out, though.)  Really, I just love learning new things.  The way I'm doing it is through a website called coursera.  You get to sign up for college level classes for friggidy free!  If you want, you can do all of the course requirements and get a certificate of completion.  I know, it isn't a doctorate, but it hopefully is symbolic of the vast learning you've done.  And you can explore topics you're interested in - they even have some continuing education credits if you're a teacher and need to play the required political games and hoop-jumping tricks they put you up to.

(I think forced learning is el stupido, just in case you were wondering.)

What would you learn if you could learn anything?  I would love to learn Greek, Chinese (Mandarin), Swedish, Arabic (in fact, I signed up for a class once at a local college and it fell through due to low enrollment - whatEVER), Hebrew, naturopathy, astronomy, vermiculture, how to make snow not land on my driveway, how to make leaves never land on my grass, how to play the Brandenburg concerto #3 in G major on violin, how to play the piano, how to paint like Picasso, you know, stuff like that.

So, if this is your thing, I encourage you to check out  I learned about this from my youngest brother-in-law.  I wish I were getting paid loads of money for sending props their way, but I'm doing this out of pure excitement for learning - and  maybe you'll find something fun there, too.

So go check it out!  And while you do, I DARE you to listen to the Brandenburg concerto #3 in G major without spinning in circles kicking your legs out prolifically while pretending you're playing violin.  It's just straight up impossible.

And now, gotta study.

Peace, love and if the Brandenburg concerto #3 were a person, I'd have married them (for the joy of them calling me a nerd),

Ms. Daisy


  1. you write beautifully!! I've read 2 posts so far and I had to laugh reading both!

    I love studying and learning stuff,too! And I just think there so much out there for me to learn, it is just awesome!
    I would love to study naturopathy, translation and languages, marketing, psychology, planting, cooking (professionally), drawing, I think the list would be endless....
    Thanks for the nice post

  2. Hi Ragaa!

    Thanks for the sweet comments. :) Maybe with all of our common interests we'll someday end up in a class together! ;) I am glad to hear that others love learning, too!

    Ms. Daisy