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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Poor Hubby

My hubby had a birthday a coupleish weeks ago.  We were traveling around and usually we have a shindig to invite the peeps of the fam over to partaaay, but this was not to be since we were gone and then the peeps were gone, and etc.  So it did not happen.   And probably that was the reason he got so few phone calls saying happy birthday (or cards, or presents).  

I mean his parents and my parents (and our grandmas, the awesomesauces that they are) remembered, but that was pretty much it.  Well, one of his siblings remembered.  And that was it.  Then his birthday was over, just as fast as it started, as nonchalant as that - just like it was a nothing day!

Now he was all patient and fine and whatevering it and he hasn't mentioned it since, but CAN I JUST TELL YOU somethin' up in HEREEEEE, if that were me, um no.  I'd be calling my freakin' brother and saying, HEY IDIOT, YOU FORGOT TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.  YOU BETTER HAVE MY PRESENT HERE STAT OR ONE OF THOSE BILLY MADISON STYLE FLAMING BAGS IS GONNA END UP ON YOUR FRONT PORCH!  (Can I get a witness up in HERE!)  And then I would text everyone else I know and told them it was my birthday and ask them what kind of special pink and glittering present they got for me.  

But perhaps that does not happen to me so much because I call and give everyone a countdown from like 3 weeks out and set beeping reminders on people's phones.  

Yes.  Well.  And maybe also that when it comes to love languages he could care less about getting presents and I am more like a four year-old at Christmas.  He's all chillaxed, whatevering it, and I'm all gonna freak out on peeps.  We're kinda different.

But I suppose that's what makes relationships work, having different pieces and balance going on.  Like, for example, he balances me out in that if I didn't have him, I would have painted every room in the house in bright pink paint and thrown glitter on it.  And if it weren't for me, he would have no clean clothes ever.  Ever.  He doesn't even know what those two machines are down in the dungeon.  And he has tempered my tendency to freak out when...anything/everything happens.  (Ex: my dog eating my zucchini plant.  The whole thing.  And then pooping it out, looking exactly the same way it went in.  Today.  Or when a kid takes and "organizes" my things to random disappering places - WHERE IS MY USB DRIVE?!  ANYONE?  BUELER??)

Okay, okay, anyway.  We are clearly awesomesauce together.  So be thankful for the peeps in your life and ponder the balance they give you.  Tell them that you appreciate them.  AND WISH THEM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  You know, on their birthdays.  And give them kombucha. 

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