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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Lament for Liberty

Lament for Liberty
14 July 2020

Liberty, I remember you well
When I was a girl in this land
Freedom to go as we pleased
You took us by the hand
We played outside and went to school
To God we bent our knees
We dreamed of what we would become
As grownups, as we pleased
To open a business or to pursue our dreams
And nothing stand in the way
We stood united, proud and undivided
And had freedom in what to say
In our chest, you paved the way
For innovation and design
In our hearts, our minds, and souls
We knew the way divine
With freedom we knew we could go
As far as we should will
And marching shoulder to shoulder
We advanced up every hill
Our teams – the best –
we proved it year by year
our open streets and flourishing businesses
we were safe from fear
what has happened that we have let
our land now slide away?
Where once stood men,
Girls now blaze a violent way
With purple hair and screaming fists
They taunt those who made them free
The men like girls and girls like men
Who mock your liberty
They use the freedom given them
To burn this to the ground
And good men stand back and watch it happen,
With not a fight, nor even a sound
The Witch declares your freedoms gone
You’re muzzled and bow your knees
And crawl along empty grocery store shelves
Without care for liberty
You slink along inside your homes
Afraid to go outside
Small, pathetic creatures,
Full of Netflix in our eyes
They told us to be afraid,
And so afraid we are
That we cannot drive somewhere
A masked lone person in a car
The air is scary, and people worse
We cannot get too near
A hug will kill us, six feet will save us
Conditioning perpetual in our ears
What kind of life are you living?
What could you stand to gain?
Is this a life you want to live?
Are we really sane?
“There are some lines I will not cross,”
You say as you muzzle your face,
Your gloved hand bleaching groceries
Seems normal, not insanity or disgrace
The men who founded this country
Are rolling over in their graves
This land they fought so hard to gain
Is being willingly turned to slaves
Women and children are looking up
To find someone to lead
None are there that can be found
We are pitiful, indeed
So turn it over to the powers that be
Who test your shackled strength
The slippery slope moves very quickly
Who knows how far its length
We shall care when it’s too late
And we’ve lost all liberty
Lament aloud, and say a prayer
for the once great land of the brave and free

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