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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

eau de chlorine

up in the morning
while it's still dark
bathing suit pulled up
put the car out of park
drink a bunch of water
and off to the pool
quiet down the expressway
man, swimmers are cool
trudge in the locker room
unpack lock, shampoo, towel
if you take my locker
i promise you a scowl
good morning to the usuals
lined up and ready to go
fifteen minutes of warm up
then we start the show
75s, IMs, maybe a few timed swims, 
all out, for time, just don't quit
kick sets, pulling,
and get after it
3000 yards later
you put in an hour
 crawl out of that pool
you earned your shower
you didn't wake up to be average
at this time of day
you're characterized by amazing
in every way
there's a fight inside
every swimmer's heart
and sometimes butterfly
is a work of art
so get up and push it
do what you need to do
be super amazing

 i admire you

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