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Saturday, January 2, 2016

What are you reading?

Happy New Year, dearies!  

It's a good of a time as any to pick up a book.  I suppose it could even go along with a New Year's resolution (just kidding).  

What have you been reading?  Anything interesting?  

I read quite a bit, but don't always post on Ms. Daisy's Reading Club.  I suppose I might have to admit that sometimes it is out of laziness for not wanting to write a post about it, and other times I am just determined to be secretive about what I'm reading (muahahahahaha).  Okay, not really.  I just don't write book reports on every book I read.  You don't either, do you?

If you would like to share with me what you're reading, I'll be more than happy to listen, and if it sounds quite interesting, I'll be even happier to send out a request to the library to have it brought in so that I might read it.  I prefer non-fiction, and will read anything from science and geography to history and the ever exciting peer-reviewed journals of medical literature.  I used to be a fan of fiction, and I will very occasionally read a fiction book here and there, but only if it makes me laugh aloud.  (Otherwise I am quite content for you to keep your Danielle Steel books collecting dust on the shelf.  No offense.)

In the meantime, if you're looking for something to read, I have recently been reading biographies.  The first is on the scandalously exciting life of Warren G. Harding (the 29th President of the United States) and the current book is on Cleopatra the Great.

If you're interested in either of those, I have a little blip on them over in the other side of the blog.

Warren G. Harding's book is here.

Cleopatra the Great's book is here.

That's it for now.  I hope you've had a very peaceful and happy New Year so far.  

May your 2016 be the best one ever.

Peace, love, and take a deep breath,
Ms. Daisy 

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