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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

25 randoms: because I want to be like my seester

I think it was a thing about 6 years ago to post 25 random things about yourself.  I am about 6 years late, but hey, better late than never?  So, without further ado,  here are 25 things you wish you never knew about me.  Pardon my font change.

1.  I am proud of my shortness, and my sister and I are exactly the same height.
2.  One of my favorite honors I have ever received is the "Best Actress" award from high school acting class.
3.  I used to be fascinated with and study cancer (reading the encyclopedia) in elementary school in the hallway when I was done with assignments before the other students, and the teacher would also let me file papers (which was an absolute delight).
4.   I have been cured (nearly entirely - I do often partake of an ounce 72% dark chocolate) of a sweet tooth, of which I used to be a raving maniac.
5.  I knew before I was four years old that I would grow up one day and be a teacher.
6.  I think the best smells in the world are ripe peaches, patchouli, baby neck, homemade bread while it's baking, and sauna wood.
7.  I am very pleased with my awesome, superior Finnish heritage. 
8.  I love winning.  I love beating males more than females, but I near instantly lose respect for any male I beat at anything, unless he is significantly better at me in another area.  (Don't worry, I won't ever directly tell you that I think you're a wuss, unless you are my brother.)  Anybody want to have a push up contest?
9.  Chickens are by far my favorite pet.  I will never get another dog again, but I cannot picture my life without chickens.
10.  A pet mouse met its end by my neglectful hand due to its foul odor as a youth.
11.  Yellow is my favorite (wall) paint color, Elizabeth I is my favorite monarch, if I could paint my stairs entirely in mosaic mirrored shimmering glitter, I would do it for every step in every house I ever owned.
12.  I pack (at minimum) my own water supply, tea, eggs, and butter with me when I go on vacation due to food snobbery issues.
13.  I cry about once a year.  (No, not at the same time per year, that's just my turnaround time.)

14.  I avoid facing the back of my head to a window (especially in living rooms) for the logical, sensible, and reasonable fear of getting shot in the back of the head.
15.  If I wake up to an alarm clock, I am standing up and walking within five seconds of it going off (usually less).
16.  When I am extremely tired and fall asleep somewhere else besides my bed and have to get up to go to bed, I nearly always crawl on the floor to get there (and this makes me very sad - so much so that I usually whimper pathetically while doing so, not to be dramatic, but because this for some reason in my altered state is truly sad to me.  Sometimes I even make fake crying sounds.).
17.  If I have an idea in my head to do something, it is almost completely impossible for anyone to convince me out of it.
18.  In 5th grade I got a perm.  It was too curly and I hated it.  I hid in the back of the Aerostar minivan and cried brokenheartedly, intensely, and bitterly the whole way home.  I wore a tight ponytail for about five months after that.
19.  In 7th grade, I "went out" with a boy in order to break up with him because everyone said he had a reputation of "never being dumped before".  Our long and meaningful relationship lasted about an hour.
20.  I worked as a lifeguard (and later as the assistant manager) of a pool and one day while we were rained out, we decided to entertain ourselves by having all of the lifeguards (males and females) go into the women's showers, sit in blow up boats, flood the floor and have a party.  You can imagine our surprise when the supervisor of the complex walked in on us.  Um, oops.
21.  (Which reminds me...)   As a high school swimmer, you get kind of used to being naked in front of your friends.  At the end of the season when we were going to finally shave, in an attempt to be entertaining and dramatic, I took my multiple suits off, and was swinging them around in a circle while singing loudly in the showers to my friends when my mom and then 5 year old sister walked in to the locker room.  (OH!  HI!  I was just, uh, just... uh... singing and dancing around... uhhhhhhhh... because.... uhhhhhh...  Hey!  Is that a spider?  And why are you here?)

22.  It is my dream to one day learn how to play the piano.
23.  I secretly wish I could throw garbage out of the window of my car, but hate seeing litter and want to key the cars of people who actually do it.
24.  My favorite teacher was a marine.  He threw tennis balls and chalkboard erasers at people in class when they weren't paying attention.
25.  I love being underwater.

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