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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Warning: Jillian Michaels-like rant ahead

You know that thing that people do when they get all wigged out?  That kind of...I don't do you describe it accurately?  That vibe.

(Wow, that was so like totally 0% precise.)

So I started up the Just One Thing Challenge and asked people to try to stop using their microwaves.  I suppose in hindsight, maybe I should have asked people to do something like "try to eat a piece of fruit some time this week if you get the off chance" because for some reason, I am getting this vibe that asking people not to use a microwave is something along the lines of, "I would really think it beneficial to you if you could please not breathe this week."

But I have to tell all-a-y'all, I am just not wired that way.  I am not wired to gently nudge you toward taking a tiny bite of fruit sometime throughout this week.  THAT IS STRAIGHT UP LAME.

I am not here to coddle babies along toward pathetic-ism.  I want you to change.  Do you need to change?  Then do it.

Let me say, I am not throwing anyone under the bus if you don't have any means to do something.  I'm not asking for you to paint your walls with the gold paint they use over at the Notre Dame football field for their helmets.  I am asking you to try something that if it were like 30 years ago, it would not have even been a challenge.  If it were 50 years ago, it would have not even existed.  Do you see how this may seem odd in the whole spectrum of things?

Well, I guess it's kind of like living a day without your smartphone.  Also impossible.  That would be like having to wake up early and exercise before work (what-EVS sonotgonnahappen!).  That would be like choosing to make your own bread instead of having the glorious factory do it for us (like I have time for THAT!).  Yeah.  Good thing our smartphones and our devices we have brought into our lives to simplify them have given us plenty of time to live a quality life.

You choose the things you want to do every single day.  If you want to choose to microwave your head, slobber up some pesticides, ingest Teflon, suck down McDonalds, consume loads of sugar crack, IV yourself to Diet Coke/Pepsi/Mountain Dew (etc.), and punch your liver in the face with a blowtorch with your eight zillion prescription meds, please go right ahead.  But please do NOT complain that you are obese, have no energy, and/or are not happy.  You would be what we might call totally and certifiably insane.  In the membrane.  Insane in the brain.

Do hard things.  This is your life.  There is so much zing to be had out there.  Don't pass it up for the easy road.  

I know it is weird, but if we want things to be different than they are now, we need to do something different than we're doing now.

Be strong.  Tell the wimpy voice to shut up.  

Peace, love and man up,
Ms. Daisy

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